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March 11: Job Fair
March 11: Job Fair
UEN-TV, in conjunction with the Utah's Broadcaster's Association, invites you to a Job Fair. Wednesday, Mar 11 from 9 – 1 at the A. Ray Olpin Union Building. Representatives from TV and Radio stations will be available...
Mar. 16 - 20: Brain Awareness Week
Mar. 16 - 20: Brain Awareness Week
Celebrate Brain Awareness Week by challenging your own brain with these online activities and by learning about current brain research.
March 2015 UEN Highlights
March 2015 UEN Highlights
Welcome to March - Events include Women's History Month, Digital Learning Day, Brain Awareness Month and the UELMA Conference. Be sure to check out the UEN Staff Picks and Broadcast programs of note.

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Bill Nye The Science Guy

Heart - Bill Nye will check out this important muscular pump's function in the body by pulling nine Gs with the United States Navy's Blue Angels and chatting with Seattle Mariner Edgar Martinez.

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Insider Revisited, The

The Insider returns to the Ballybeen estate to see if the promises of a new community and shopping centre have been delivered.
When first visited back in 2008, the Ballybeen Square area was severely run-down, with a large...

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