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FACS: Food Labels

Life Skills:

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Employability

Time Frame:
2 class periods that run 45 minutes each.

Group Size:
Small Groups


The label on a food product gives us many different types of information: ingredients, serving size, nutrition, etc.

Main Curriculum Tie:
FACS 6th GradeStrand 1
Students will identify and discuss the importance of food and nutrition through class activities and lab experiences.

Career Connections:

  • Marketing
  • Dietician
  • Chef
  • Food Services Manager


  • Various food labels for the students to read
  • 2 small paper bags labeled Product A & Product B with food labels inside them-spree candy & dog treats
  • Product A & B overhead

Background For Teachers:
Basic information about nutrition labels

Student Prior Knowledge:
Basic cooking terminology

Intended Learning Outcomes:
Students will learn to read labels and compare the nutrients and ingredients in foods.

Instructional Procedures:

Day 1
Have students divide a Ĺ sheet of paper into 2 columns- label 1 column #1 and the other column #2. Give the students 1-2 minutes to write as many things as they can think of that are on a food label in column #1.

Product A and B overhead. Ask students that if they were on an island and didnít have anything to eat would they choose product A or Product B. Show the students the labels for product A and Product B.

Students read "Lets Read Labels" As they read it have them fill in "The Web" graphic organizer for the Mandatory Information and "Steps" graphic organizer for the Voluntary Information.

Give the students actual food labels and food packages and have them complete the student activity guide, "Letís Read Labels" p. 2. Labels and packages may be given to students individually, in pairs, or as lab groups.

On the 1/2 sheet of paper give the students 1-2 minutes to write as many things as they can think of that are on a food label in column #2.

Day 2
Vanishing rolls or bandit biscuits lab.


Assessment Plan:
Successful completion of Let's Read Labels worksheet, graphic organizers, and writing activity.

Jill Petersen

Created Date :
Sep 21 2004 12:50 PM