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Desktop Pub. - Quark XPress 5: Brochure

Life Skills:

  • Communication
  • Employability

Time Frame:
3 class periods that run 90 minutes each.

Group Size:


This is the fifth of six lessons designed to teach basic Desktop Publishing skills using Quark XPress or other DTP software. In this lesson, the student will design a 3-panel (2-fold) brochure in landscape orientation over two pages, create multiple linked text boxes that flow in the correct order, use bullets in a non-numbered list as in-line graphics, and use good principles of layout design.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Digital Print DesignStandard 7
Students will be able to understand and demonstrate page layout (InDesign.)

Student instruction sheet (BrochureStudent.doc or BrochureStudent.pdf) and sample brochure (BrochureExample.pdf) as well as sample bullet graphic.


Background For Teachers:
Appropriate computer system with Quark XPress or other DTP application.

Student Prior Knowledge:
Successful completion of Quark XPress projects 1-4 (Quotation, Business Card, Certificate, and Video Box).

Intended Learning Outcomes:
Students will be able to: (1) Layout a multiple page document with correctly placed folds and gutters; (2) Create text boxes correctly linked so that text will flow in the right order; (3) Create and insert bullets for a non-numbered list as in-line graphics; and (4) Develop a resume/brochure they can use for future employment.

Assessment Plan:
See the attached rubric.


David Black

Created Date :
Mar 29 2005 16:34 PM