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Accounting 1-Annual Report Website

Time Frame:
3 class periods that run 45 minutes each.


An extended activity used after playing the Accounting Monopoly game. Students will plan and create a Web version of their company of their annual reports that were prepared after playing the Monopoly game.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Accounting IStrand 5
Students will prepare, analyze and interpret financial statements.


  • Web Story Board
  • Annual Report Web Example
  • Annual Report Web Student Plan
  • Web Page Rubric
  • Students Financial Reports from Monopoly Game


Instructional Procedures:

  • Prepare students with the basic knowledge to create a Web page.
  • Give students the Annual Report Web Student Plan, this has all of their instructions to complete the project.

Business Ed Lesson Plan Team

Created Date :
Dec 02 2010 10:45 AM

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