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WP II - Mail Merge

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 60 minutes.


Students will learn how to perform a mail merge using a letter, certificate, and memo

Main Curriculum Tie:
Word ProcessingStandard 6
Students will be able to create a mail merge by:



Instructional Procedures:
Combine graphic, page setup, font, and border features in a mail merge project. (The student names in the data source are not authentic.) Assignments include mail merge for a certificate, memo, and business letter

All instructions are included on the attached assignment sheet. Students begin by creating custom field names and the data source. Student should include his/her own name and preferred activity as the final record. Next, they create the main document which is a certificate using contrasting fonts, rotated and filled hearts, and a page border. Before the merge, students will sort the data by number in ascending order. Finally, students print the merged document with six pages on one sheet to preserve paper.

Business Ed Lesson Plan Team

Created Date :
Jan 17 2011 10:54 AM