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Comp Tech - Spreadsheeting Formatting

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 30 minutes.


This assignment gives students an opportunity to click and explore to discover how to control the appearance of an Excel spreadsheet.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Computer Technology IStrand 4
(Electronic Communication and Collaboration) Students will use multiple processes of communication. They will understand what appropriate means of communication is most beneficial for a given task's purpose and audience (NETS-S 4: a, b, d & 2: a) (RST 9-12.2, 9 & 10; WHST 9-12.6, 8 & 9).



Instructional Procedures:
1)Using an LCD display, teacher should show some "Before" and "After" examples of spreadsheet formatting and how it was accomplished. Show the right-click shortcut to display the Format Cells dialog box, as well as other pathways. 2)Using a blank spreadsheet, students may enter random data to help them identify the pathways. They should record their answers on the printed assignment sheet.

Business Ed Lesson Plan Team

Created Date :
Jan 17 2011 11:53 AM