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Comp Tech - Spreadsheet Operators and Formulas

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 60 minutes.


A spreadsheet is a tool that can help solve the numeric "story problems" of your life. This assignment introduces how to set up Excel formulas based on fifteen simple scenarios (with five additional difficult scenarios for extra credit).

Main Curriculum Tie:
Computer Technology IStrand 4
(Electronic Communication and Collaboration) Students will use multiple processes of communication. They will understand what appropriate means of communication is most beneficial for a given task's purpose and audience (NETS-S 4: a, b, d & 2: a) (RST 9-12.2, 9 & 10; WHST 9-12.6, 8 & 9).



Instructional Procedures:
Teach formula symbols including = to begin a formula, and operators for add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Teach the order of operations (Multiply and Divide, then Add and Subtract) and using Parentheses to interrupt the order.

Business Ed Lesson Plan Team

Created Date :
Jan 17 2011 11:55 AM