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Salads and The Six Basic Nutrients Foods II

Life Skills:

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Communication

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 90 minutes.

Group Size:
Large Groups


Salads are incredibly versatile food source to incorporate into a diet, when looking for ways to better increase intake of the six basic nutrients. This lesson includes an overview of the six basic nutrients and assignments for students to apply the information received.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Food And Nutrition IIStrand 6
Students will identify the purpose of and explore preparation techniques of salads. (STEM - Science)


  • The Six Basic Nutrients and MyPlate power point.
  • The Six Basic Nutrients and MyPlate Listening Guide.
  • Salad recipes for analysis of nutrients.


Intended Learning Outcomes:
Students will understand and apply the basics of nutrition when analyzing salad recipes. Students will include the MyPlate and Dietary Guidelines when analyzing salad recipes.

Instructional Procedures:

Print The Six Basic Nutrients Listening Guide. Proceed through the accompanying power point as a review of the nutrients and how they are accounted for on MyPlate.

Have the students fill in the listening guide as they progress through the power point.

When done with the power point, have the students get into their lab groups and hand a copy to each group of the salad recipes for nutrient analysis. Each lab group will need to analyze 3 of the 8 recipes for the nutrients found in the salad and also state where the nutrients are found on MyPlate.

If time permits, have the students share with each group the recipes they analyzed and what nutrients they discovered in each recipe.


Created Date :
Jun 18 2012 18:47 PM

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