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Bioethical Decision Making

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 60 minutes.

Group Size:
Small Groups


Students will read a scenario based six different genetics bioethical situations. They will then use a decision making model to make bioethical choices if faced with this scenario.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Science - Biology
Standard 4 Objective 1

Compare sexual and asexual reproduction.



Background For Teachers:
A note to the teacher: Whenever discussing genetic conditions be sure to be sensitive to students or students' loved ones, who may suffer from a genetic condition.

Instructional Procedures:

  1. Make a copy of student sheets and vignettes. Give each student group a different vignette.
  2. Allow students to read their vignettes and discuss with their groups.
  3. Let students complete the decision making model
  4. Allow a student or two from each group who are willing, to share their decisions and justify why they made them.

Assessment Plan:
Scoring Guide:
This assignment is best graded on a completion only basis.
Answers to Questions:
Answers will vary for this assignment.

Lesson Design by Jordan School District Teachers and Staff.

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