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Developmentally Appropriate Practices

Life Skills:

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Employability

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 90 minutes.

Group Size:
Large Groups


What is DAP and how can we incorporate these ideas into a child care setting.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Early Childhood Education I
Strand 1 Standard 1

Identify and/or demonstrate DAP activities for young children.

Career Connections:

  • Anyone working with young children

Power point projector Apple activity needs: paper apple, plastic apple, real apple with knife and cutting board. Seed planting activity needs: Paper cups, spoons, seeds, water (2 of each)

Background For Teachers:
Read "Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs by Bredekamp and Copple (ISBN: 0-935989-79-X) published by NAEYC phone 866-623-9248 or e-mail:


Web Sites

Student Prior Knowledge:
A prerequisite class of Child Development is helpful in introducing some of these concepts.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
Students will be able to determine which activities and teacher behaviors are DAP.

Instructional Procedures:
Power point presentation with quiz at the end to be taken individually or as a group.


  • DAP.ppt
    power point presentation on Developmentally Appropriate Practices with activities and quiz (28 slides).
  • DAP_lesson_plan.doc
    lesson plan with activities.

Assessment Plan:
Quiz to determine if student can decide if an activity or teacher behavior is DAP or DIP.

You can also copy and cut pages 123-135 of the book "Developmentally appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs" by Bredekamp & Copple. These pages have Appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and in pairs or small groups, students can determine which is which.

Contact using your education email address if you would like copies of the test / exam for this lesson plan. Be sure to include the Lesson Plan title in your email request.

Developmentally Appropriate Practices (3-5 years) in Early Childhood Programs by Bredekamp and Copple. Purchase at any college book store.


Created Date :
Jun 16 2003 15:50 PM