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Number Push-ups

Group Size:


Students will integrate math with an upper body movement exercise.

Number cards 1-9 or higher for advanced grades.

Background For Teachers:
Proper push-up starting position.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
Body awareness will be stressed. They will learn manipulative skills while enjoying a new activity.

Instructional Procedures:
When the students know the proper starting position for a push-up, they are ready to begin this exercise.

  • Spread paper numbers in front of the students. (Begin with the numbers 1-9.)
  • Mix the numbers up.
  • Explain to the students that they have to "walk" in a push-up position to all of the numbers and move them in numerical order.

Strategies For Diverse Learners:
Add additional numbers such as 68, 388, 1,008 etc... and challenge the students to put them in numerical order.

Use the letters of the alphabet, rather than numbers.


Created Date :
Jun 23 2003 15:31 PM