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8th Grade "Does History Repeat Itself?" Essay


Essential Questions--Using the Facets 1. Explanation--Does History Repeat Itself or is it Human Nature? 2. Application--How should the United States remember its role it had in events in people's life (repetitive/sequential). 3. Perspective--How does the newspaper, television, movies, history books, internet portray its point of view pertaining to history? 4. Empathy--How do we repeat or change history and how does it make people feel? 5. Interpretation--watch snip its from the video Ironed Jawed Angels" and other historical videos; lyrics from music pertaining to historical events and how can you make connections? 6. Self-Knowledge--Why do you think history may or may not repeat itself or is it human nature and technology? After the lyrical speeches, students will take notes on the different topics discussed and begin to answer the essential questions: 1. Does history ever repeat itself? 2. Does human nature repeat itself or if one has anything to do with the other? 3. What arguments would have been justifiable for war, oppressions, music, religion, entertainment, styles, family units, etc.? -- give both sides of the issue (compare/contrast) 4. Human nature is deep rooted in fighting over power, resources, or religion, which one does any topic at all fit? 5. Give an overview of what happened for each topic chosen. Attachments include due dates, graphic organizers with examples, peer editing pages,rubrics, and websites to help with researching. Think about Maslow's hierarcy of needs--pyramid link below--and ponder why we try to achieve the top tier, and what transpires to get there. Your generation of peers will "Run the show" in a few decades, and what would you do the same or change perspectives to make a difference in the world? Remember to view past and future lessons for to aid in research.

Instructional Procedures:
Students will write an eight page expository/informational essay. The student may write in first person without repeating, "I feel or I think". The due dates for each segment are found in the attachments below. Please follow the guidelines for the bibliography as well (also found in your Write Source text book at home). Students will evaluate and synthesize their information to strongly respond to their topics, by giving details and examples to support. Follow the six-traits rubric for guidelines. Students will peer edit using WIS/WID (What it says and What it does). Copies of each are found in the attachments as well. Each week students will receive 25 points for their rough drafts and for peer editing. They must be present and ready for the points. The essay will be typed in 12 font, Roman New Times, and double spaced. ESSAY LAYOUT: Page One: Hook and introduction to main ideas for chosing this topic to write about. Creatively think about why someone should read your paper and clearly understand your point of view and agree with what your are saying. Every well written paper instructs the readers by presenting information, backed by published sources and details to support your statements and beliefs to pursuade your thinking. The "Thesis" is clearly stated on this first page, and all information to follow must lead back to your thesis. Please do not add any additional topics that couldn't flow back to thesis (organization). First Topic (Pages 2-3) Use a web or graphic organizer to state your topic and support it (an essay within the essay). Please make sure you segway or transition this topic into your next two pages (topic 2). Second Topic (Pages 4-5) Use a web or graphic organizer to state your topic and support it (an essay within the essay). Please make sure you segway or transition this topic into your next two pages (topic 3). Third Topic (Pages 6-7) Use a web or graphic organizer to state your topic and support it (an essay within the essay). Please make sure you segway or transition this topic into your next two pages (Predictions for your three topics). Predictions (Pages 8-9) Look at each graphic organizer or web and use this information to guide you to predict what will happen in 25 years. It is somewhat having foresight into human nature and how it may or may not dictate the future events. Your generation will lead our country and explore this planet in ways most of us may or may not see. Explore different predictions before you settle on one, then write it and back it with plausible possibilities...the world is your it is time to think of your world ahead and to investigate. Restate your thesis and wrap up your thoughts, maybe pose questions for the reader to ponder. When your paper is concluded, there will be no question your audience will know your point of view or gain insight into your chosen topics.

Assessment Plan:


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