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Natural Fibers/Textiles

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 45 minutes.


Main Curriculum Tie:
Fashion Design Studio
Strand 3 Standard 1

Identify basic fibers, the characteristics, use and care of the following textiles.



Intended Learning Outcomes:
Students will sort fibers by identifying the appropriate characteristics of natural fibers.

Instructional Procedures:
1. Pass out the strips labeled wool, silk, flax, etc. then have the class get into small groups according to the strips (cottons together, wool together, etc.)
2. When that is done, give the students the cards for the sort. The cards need to be sorted into 4 groups.
3. When finished, have each group show what has been done and explain why. If they got the cards sorted wrong, give them some more information so they can correct the sort. ( 5-10 min.)
4. After the sort, the students are to watch the PowerPoint presentation. (10 min.) Discuss the differences between man-made and natural fibers.
5. Pass out the worksheet on textile definitions. Go over the worksheet as a class. (10 min.)
6. Then play textile bingo. The students will fill up a board with the vocabulary words. The definitions will be cut into strips and put into a basket. As a definition is pulled from the basket, it must be matched to the correct vocabulary word. (10 min.)

Esther Larson

Created Date :
May 19 2004 15:51 PM