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Choices and Consequences


This activity explores the concepts of "choices" and "consequences".

Main Curriculum Tie:
Social Studies - 1st Grade
Standard 1 Objective 1

Recognize and describe examples of differences within school and neighborhood.


Additional Resources


  • Milo and the Shiny Stones, by Marcus Pfister; ISBN 1-55858-682-2
  • The Red Racer, by Audrey Wood; ISBN 0689826826


Background For Teachers:
Teachers should be prepared to discuss daily choices and their consequences. Teachers should be sensitive to family diversity and cultural backgrounds. Children should have an understanding of what a consequence is.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
2. Develop social skills and ethical responsibility.
3. Demonstrate responsible emotional and cognitive behaviors.

Instructional Procedures:

Invitation to Learn
Show class the book The Red Racer by Audrey Wood. Have students predict what might happen in the story. If you wanted a new bike, what could you do to get it? Read story.

Instructional Procedures

  1. Make a chart showing the choices and consequences that happened in the story. Discuss how the ending of the story could have been different if Nona had made different choices.
  2. As a shared writing activity or interactively, make a list of possible choices that students have each day.
    1. Choose one of the items given by the students as a choice in their day.
    2. Use a cube that has “right choice” and “wrong choice” written on it and roll the cube.
    3. Have a student describe what they think the right or wrong choice is and then a consequence.
  3. Students will make their own cube to practice choice and consequence.
    1. Pass out School Choices Worksheet
    2. .
    3. Working with a partner, students will practice picking a situation, rolling the cube, and telling each other whether it is a right/wrong choice and the consequence.
  4. Students will demonstrate their learning in their Create-A-Log by choosing a Create-A-Log Coupons and making the appropriate response.


Write a story where the main character has to make a choice and deal with the consequence. It could be a story that has two endings, depending on the choice. Adapt for emergent learners by allowing them to make a picture story instead of a written one.

Family Connections

  • Send a blank Home Choices worksheet (similar to the School Choices worksheet) home with students. Have them decide as a family some situations where choices must be made at home. These could be returned to discuss at school.
  • Let children take their “choice” cube home to practice with their family.
  • Have students write a “choice/consequence” story at home about a family decision.

Assessment Plan:

  • Assess Create-A-Log.
  • Take notes during class discussions regarding who understands the idea of making a choice and receiving the consequence.
  • Observe as students practice activity with partner.
  • Use a rubric to assess written stories.

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