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Marital Adjustments


During a classroom PowerPoint presentation, activities, and a discussion, the students will discuss the importance of marital adjustments during marriage.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Adult Roles And ResponsibilitiesStrand 4
Students will identify the aspects and importance of marriage preparation and examine behaviors that strengthen marital and family relationships.



Background For Teachers:
Read through the lesson material to make sure the materials needed are available, and to know prior preparation.

Student Prior Knowledge:
Students have completed a Marriage Interview with three different couples who have been married three different lengths of time.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
Students will understand that marriage adjustments are common and difficult; but if both spouses work hard, their marriage will became strong.

Instructional Procedures:
Journal, Text, Activities,Unit Notes and Discussion. I have included my lesson plans as an attachment. This lesson plan is developed for a 90 minute class. Please delete or add activities and information to fit your time frame.

USOE Curriculum Guide, and others that are listed on last slide of PowerPoint presentations.


Created Date :
Mar 18 2005 14:41 PM