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Using a Before-Rdg Organizer with Informational Text

Curriculum Tie:


Before reading, create a graphic organizer that uses the titles and subtitles of an informational text.

Main Curriculum Tie:
English Language Arts Grade 6Reading: Informational Text Standard 2
Determine a central idea of a text and how it is conveyed through particular details; provide a summary of the text distinct from personal opinions or judgments.


  • informational text (ex: textbook / leveled readers / Weekly Reader)
  • overhead
  • 12x18 plain white paper
  • 2 different colored markers (per group)
  • copies of text (per student)

Background For Teachers:
This strategy can be used in conjunction with the strategies introduced in the lessons Setting A Purpose For Reading Using Informational Text and Using a Preview Checklist with Informational Text. Once this strategy has been introduced and practiced, be sure to integrate its use into the authentic before/during/after reading process, using a variety of informational texts. This is an excellent tool for use with notetaking during reading and studying-to-remember after reading. It also provides a good organizers for writing a summary.

Instructional Procedures:


  1. OBJECTIVE - Before reading, create a graphic organizer that uses the title and subtitles of an informational text.
  2. RATIONALE - If you create an organized plan to find, connect,and remember the main idea and details in your reading, you are more likely to meet your purpose for reading.


  1. Display a prepared overhead copy of pages selected from the informational text.
  2. While simultaneously referring to the text, demonstrate how to create a graphic organizer based on the title and subtitles. Show how to use either of the organizer formats and let students practice and select the format that works best for them. Sample graphic organizers:

  3. For a more visual representation, you can highlight the title with one color and the subtitles with a second color.


  1. In groups of two, students should create a graphic organizer on 12x18 paper (similar to the one demonstrated) using the title and subtitles over an assigned section in a text. Students should work together to create the organizer, but take turns recording it on the paper.
  2. When the organizers are complete, display for reflection and discussion.


  1. Each student can create a graphic organizer using the title and subtitles of an assigned section of text.
  2. During reading, this is a good organizer for notetaking. After reading, this is a good tool to use for studying or writing a summary.


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