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How Weather Affects People, Plants and Animals

Life Skills:

  • Thinking & Reasoning

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 45 minutes.

Group Size:
Small Groups


Introduction to how weather effects animals, plants, and humans.

Teacher: four sets of clothing for each of the seasons; paper; pictures of seasons; crayons; glue; scissors; Book-Jesse Bear What Will You Wear(Carestrom).

Background For Teachers:
Student should know how to work in groups. Students will know the difference between the different seasons in Utah. It is important for students to know because it affects their daily lifes, in the way they dress each morning, the activities they engage in.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
Students will be able to: Identify variables and describe relationships between them. Analyze data and draw warranted inferences

Instructional Procedures:
Ask students Which season is Christmas in? Easter? 4th of July? Halloween? Read the book- 'Jesse Bear What Will You Wear?' Discuss how the seasons effect animals:In spring time they have babies. They shed their fur. In fall they start growing winter coats. Ask students what a dogs winter coat is. Explain to students that some animals hibernate in the winter. Ask them to name some that do. Disscuss how the seasons effect plants: Some plants start to turn green and grow new leaves in spring and produce flowers and food during summer. In fall their leaves change color and fall off. Some plants are dormant in winter. Others need to be planted again in spring. Ask students which plants stay green all year. Ask what plants have to be planted to grow again in spring. Ask students to predict what will the trees look like in December? April? July? October? Which season do animals hibernate in? If your hands are cold what would you put on? When the sun is shining and you are hot what would you wear? The cloths are mixed up on the tables and you are to choose the approtriate cloths for each season, and put them in the right place. Divide students into groups and observe as they place the different choose to put that there? If you put it here what might happen? Have the students draw pictures of their favorite season and what they wear. Use magazines or newspaper adds and have them cut out pictures and paste them on posterboard to make a collage of their favorite season(s). Use the collages' to make a bulletin board. Students could make the collages previously and use them for the season pictures.

Assessment Plan:
Assess by observation: Are the students working well together? Are each of them participating? Do they understand the concept? As you walk around and interact with the students you can see which students are having problems and what the problems may be. Have students write and draw pictures about their favorite season in their journals.


Created Date :
Dec 02 2000 20:51 PM

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