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BUS: Ethics-Where to Draw the Line (BUS)


Students will evaluate ethical and unethical behaviors.

Main Curriculum Tie:
FACS 6th GradeStrand 5
Students will explore employability skills, entrepreneurship, the principles of the free enterprise system and their impact on families, communities and careers. (College and Career Ready Skill Development)


  • Ethical Situation Instructions
  • Situation Forms for each group
  • Decision Form for each group


Background For Teachers:
1 BUS / Workplace Etiquette & Ethics

Instructional Procedures:
Detailed instructions are included on the Ethical Situations document.

Divide the class into small groups of 3-4 students giving each small group a hypothetical business situation. Students discuss and evaluate behaviors as ethical, unethical, and/or criminal. Are all workplace and/or career behaviors black and white? Students are confronted with real-life dilemmas. Do they agree with the behaviors?

Business Ed Lesson Plan Team

Created Date :
Mar 03 2011 22:21 PM