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Libraries are Quiet for a Reason

Life Skills:

  • Social & Civic Responsibility

Time Frame:
1 class period that runs 15 minutes.

Group Size:
Small Groups


Children will discuss why we have libraries and how we should act in a library.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Elementary Library Media (K-5)
Strand 3 Standard 1

Exhibit library etiquette.

Making Rain document

Intended Learning Outcomes:
The children should have an understanding of their individual responsibility to be quiet in the library. They will respect the privilege of choosing for themselves and respect others' choices as well.

Instructional Procedures:

  1. Ask the students to tell why they think we come to the library.
  2. Discuss their responses. Include things like access to books and other media and access to technology (computers and the Internet). It is a place to learn and explore and to read and study.
  3. Ask: Can you read and study if it is too loud or if there are too many distractions?
  4. Ask: If there are 20 or 30 people in the library how can it be quiet? If every person talks in their regular voice will it be quiet? would a rainstorm be too loud for the library?
  5. Make Rain. Here is an activity to demonstrate group voice levels. You could record the rainstorm and play it back to them to reinforce how many voices combine to make it too loud.
  6. Explain that one or two people whispering is not too disruptive, but a whole group would be way too loud - like the rainstorm. You could suggest that you might remind them about the noise level by just mentioning "you are making rain..."
  7. Remind them that the purpose of the library is for them to read and learn. The focus of the library is to read, not to talk or shout or run and play.
  8. Here is a quote from a book I like called "Decibella" by Julia Cook. "I never bring my Outside voice inside because it's way too loud - Unless I'm at a basketball game and I'm cheering with the crowd!" If YOU are in the library to read and learn, then others will be able to enjoy that opportunity also.


  • make_rain.docx
    describes how to make the students create the sound of a rainstorm

"Decibella" by Julia Cook is a great way to explain voice levels to younger children. You could read all of it instead of making a rainstorm.

Assessment Plan:
Performance will be assessed upon future visits to the library. It may be good to remind them of the "rainstorm."



Quote from Decibella by Julia Cook

Carla Nelson

Created Date :
Jun 06 2017 16:29 PM