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Life Skills:

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Social & Civic Responsibility

Time Frame:
3 class periods that run 70 minutes each.


Values help give us direction and help us set goals for the future. We develop our values from those around us and from our experiences.

Main Curriculum Tie:
Adult Roles And Responsibilities
Strand 1 Standard 2

Identify personal values and explain how values affect interpersonal relationships.

$50 bill, “Unfinished sentences” (worksheet), "Family Values” (worksheet), Road Map, Gallon Jugs, Stand up for your value list, Song with a value, CD and tape player, “The Miracle Worker” (worksheet),

Background For Teachers:
Read through lesson material to make sure materials needed are available, and to know prior preparation.

Student Prior Knowledge:

Intended Learning Outcomes:
Students will identify their personal values.

Instructional Procedures:
Lessons may be condensed or extended to fit each teacher's class schedule.


Utah curriculum guide for Adult Roles and Responsibilities


Created Date :
Jun 06 2003 11:51 AM

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