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Health Education

Essential Questions

  • How do the major organs and systems of the human body keep us alive?
  • How do human body systems work together?
  • How do humans grow, develop, and stay healthy?
  • How does our body let us do what we want and keep us alive?
  • How does the health of one of my organ systems impact the health of my other organ systems?
  • How do the systems and organs of the human body work together and individually to support life?
  • Why is each of the systems of the body important?
  • How does our lifestyle impact our body systems and organs?
  • What can we do to take care of our bodies?
  • How are cells the basic unit of structure and function in the human body?
  • How can we make choices to promote a healthy body?
  • How does what we put in our bodies affect the way it works?
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