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Math 1030 Video Overview
A one semester course generating 3 credits of post-secondary study at Utah Institutions of Higher Education.

Prerequisite: Math 1010 or Equivalent.

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Learning Outcomes
  1. The student is able to apply mathematics-based skills used in college and career, including reasoning, planning and communication, to make decisions and solve problems in applied situations.
  2. The student is able to analyze numerical data using a variety of quantitative measures (tables, graphs, statistics) and numerical processes.
  3. The student analyzes and evaluates risk and return in the context of everyday situations, making decisions based on understanding, analysis and critique of statistical information.
  4. The student can communicate methods and results in statistical studies and reports.
  5. The student can model data in a variety of ways, generate predictions and evaluate their validity.
  6. The student uses mathematical models to represent, analyze and solve problems involving change.
  7. The student uses mathematical models and analyses to make decisions related to earning, investing and borrowing.
  8. The student can generate network models to organize data, make decisions and solve problems.

Course Modules

arrow icon Module 1: Logic (Numbers, Sets, Logical Thinking And Counting)

arrow icon Module 2: Modeling with Mathematics

arrow icon Module 3: Probability

arrow icon Module 4: Statistics

arrow icon Module 5: Financial Management

High School Modules:
These materials constitute that part of the course, Mathematical Decision Making for Life, that is not included in the above, and are recommended for the full year course. References are to the USOE Standards for this course

arrow icon Module 6: Modeling with Matrices

arrow icon Module 7: Design of Experiments

arrow icon Module 8: Models of Choice

Project Leader:

Peter Trapa
University of Utah

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Development Team Members:

Shane Brewer
  Mathematics, USU Eastern
Maggie Cummings
  Education, University of Utah
Joe Gallegos
  Mathematics, Salt Lake Community College
Holly Godsey
  Geology, University of Utah
Tyler Haslam
  Taylorsville High - Granite School District Aleksandra Jovanovic-Hacon
  Mathematics, University of Utah
Marilyn Keir
  Mathematics, University of Utah
Kelly MacArthur
  Mathematics, University of Utah
Hugo Rossi
  Mathematics, University of Utah
Diana Suddreth
  Utah State Office of Education
Peter Trapa
  Mathematics, University of Utah
Ron Twitchell
  Provo School District
Christine Walker
  Mathematics, Utah Valley University

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