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K, 1, 2 Core Curriculum
Kindergarten - Content
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Core Standards of the Course

Standard 1
Students will develop a sense of self.

Objective 1
Describe and practice responsible behaviors for health and safety.

  1. Describe proper care of the body (e.g., proper brushing of teeth, eating a variety of foods, proper hand washing, sneezing into sleeve).
  2. Recognize that food is fuel for the body.
  3. Recognize signs of physical activity (e.g., heart rate, breathing, sweat).
  4. Identify helpful and harmful substances to the body.
  5. Recall basic safety (e.g., follow rules, maintain personal space/boundaries, know phone number, address, emergency number).

Objective 2
Develop skills in gross and fine motor movement.

  1. Participate in regular physical activity that requires exertion (e.g., walk, jog, jump rope).
  2. Explore a variety of fundamental and manipulative gross motor skills (e.g., hop, skip, twirl, dance, throw, catch, kick, strike).
  3. Perform a variety of fine motor skills (e.g., draw, cut, paste, mold, write).
  4. Maintain personal space and boundaries while moving.
  5. Create and perform simple dance movements that express who one is, knowledge of the body, feelings, senses, and ideas in time and space.

Objective 3
Develop and use skills to communicate ideas, information, and feelings.

  1. Identify and express ideas, information, and feelings in a variety of ways (e.g., draw, paint, tell stories, play, make believe, dance, sing).
  2. Recognize similar colors as being members of the family of reds, blues, and yellows and shapes as being similar to squares, circles, and triangles.
  3. Describe sounds in terms of dynamics (loud/soft), pitch (high/low), duration (long/short; fast/slow), and timbre (tone of an animal, human, musical instrument, or machine).
  4. Develop competency in beat accuracy and respond to an understanding of beat as a life force through moving, singing, chanting, or playing instruments.
  5. Express emotions by selecting and playing a variety of simple rhythm instruments.

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