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K, 1, 2 Core Curriculum
1st Grade - Content
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Core Standards of the Course

Standard 1
Students will develop a sense of self.

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Objective 1
Describe and practice responsible behaviors for health and safety.

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  1. Practice appropriate personal hygiene (e.g., bathe, wash hands, clean clothes).
  2. Describe the benefits of eating a variety of nutritious foods.
  3. Describe the benefits of physical activity.
  4. Describe substances that are helpful and harmful to the body.
  5. Practice basic safety and identify hazards.

Objective 2
Develop and demonstrate skills in gross and fine motor movement.

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  1. Participate daily in short periods of physical activity that require exertion (e.g., one to three* minutes of walking, jogging, jump roping).
  2. Perform fundamental locomotor (e.g., skip, gallop, run) and nonlocomotor (twist, stretch, balance) skills with mature form.
  3. Develop manipulative skills (e.g., cut, glue, throw, catch, kick, strike).
  4. Create and perform unique dance movements and sequences that strengthen skills while demonstrating personal and spatial awareness.

Objective 3
Develop and use skills to communicate ideas, information, and feelings.

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  1. Recognize and express feelings in a variety of ways (e.g., draw, paint, tell stories, dance, sing).
  2. Express how colors, values, and sizes have been controlled in artworks to create mood, tell stories, or celebrate events.
  3. Sing a melody independently, with developing accuracy and a natural voice that is free from strain.
  4. Create simple rhythm, movement, and melody patterns with body percussion and instruments.

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