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K, 1, 2 Core Curriculum
2nd Grade - Content
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Core Standards of the Course

Standard 1
Students will develop a sense of self.

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Objective 1
Describe and adopt behaviors for health and safety.

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  1. Explain the importance of balance in a diet.
  2. Distinguish communicable from noncommunicable diseases (e.g., chicken pox, common cold, flu; asthma, cancer, diabetes).
  3. Relate behaviors that can help prevent disease (e.g., hand washing, good nutrition, fitness, universal precautions).
  4. Identify the harmful effects of tobacco on self and others (e.g., death, heart and lung disease, shortness of breath).
  5. Adopt basic safety habits (e.g., wear a seatbelt, practice bicycle safety, find adult help in an emergency).

Objective 2
Develop and apply skills in fine and gross motor movement.

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  1. Participate daily in sustained periods of physical activity that requires exertion (e.g., one to five* minutes of walking, jogging, jump roping).
  2. Perform fundamental locomotor and nonlocomotor skills in movement sequences and game applications (e.g., walk-hop-skip, run-stretch-skate, run-hop-lay up).
  3. Perform manipulative skills exhibiting a majority of correct technique components (e.g., soccer kick: eyes on ball, step with foot opposite to kicking foot, contact ball with inside of foot, follow through).
  4. Identify components of physical fitness (i.e., strength, endurance, flexibility) and corresponding activities.
  5. Create and perform unique dance movements and sequences that expand physical skills while demonstrating personal and spatial awareness.

Objective 3
Develop and use skills to communicate ideas, information, and feelings.

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  1. Express personal experiences and imagination through dance, storytelling, music, and visual art.
  2. Create, with improving accuracy, works of art depicting depth (e.g., close objects large, distant objects small) using secondary and tertiary colors.
  3. Develop ability to sing in tune with relaxed strength and clarity.
  4. Develop consistency in rhythmic accuracy of body percussion and instrument playing.

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