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CTE/Family & Consumer Sciences Education Curriculum
FACS Exploration
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Lesson Plans  
Strand 6
Students will identify and discuss the importance of food and nutrition sciences and related careers through class activities and lab experiences. (FACS Food Science, Dietetics & Nutrition and Food Services \ Culinary Arts Career Pathways)
Standard 3
Discuss the current USDA Dietary Guidelines and MyPlate.
  • Dietary Guidelines Multimedia Presentation
    This is a guideline for creating a multimedia presentation on the Dietary Guidelines.
  • Eating a Nutritious Lunch
    Teens often eat chips, soda, and a candy bar for lunch. This lesson teaches teens why their bodies need healthier foods and that they can taste good. This lesson also encourages them to choose foods that are high in nutrients and low in fat.
  • Eating a Variety for Breakfast
    There are many reasons why teens choose not to eat breakfast. This lesson teaches teens why they need to eat breakfast, and ways to make it work. It also encourages students to choose a variety of food groups for breakfast.
  • Exploring Dietary Guidelines & Healthy Eating Patterns
    Students will explore the current Dietary Guidelines and healthy eating patterns as they relate to MyPlate. There is a PowerPoint and note guide to accompany this lesson. The note guide also has a mini dietary analysis activity. A calorie burn-off activity will also accompany the lesson.
  • Exploring MyPlate
    Students will explore MyPlate. There is a PowerPoint and a note guide to accompany this lesson. A mini-lab recipe, (a lab that will only take half a class period), will be provided to help teach the concepts of the lesson.

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