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CTE/Family & Consumer Sciences Education Curriculum
FACS Exploration
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Lesson Plans  
Strand 3
Students will explore employability skills, entrepreneurship, the principles of the free enterprise system and their impact on families, communities and careers. (College and Career Ready Skill Development)
Standard 2
Complete a free enterprise experience. Develop a business plan that incorporates the following: (*STEM: Math, Engineering, Technology, and Technical Reading/Literacy)
  • Consumerism
    Students will be able to identify image and information ads, define consumer goods and services, explain teen consumer spending impacts.
  • Free Enterprise Experience Unit
    This unit will provide activities for students to complete the Free Enterprise experience.
  • Free Enterprise--Product Cost
    In this lesson students will determine the individual costs for various food items.
  • Making Money
    Students form companies to see it they can create a product they can sell and make a profit on. The main concepts are in the unit are:

    A. The basics of the free enterprise system

    B. How can this information help you as a consumer?

    C. What makes a business successful? (You can never guess who is going to become an entrepreneur.)

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