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CTE/Family & Consumer Sciences Education Curriculum
Food And Nutrition II
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Lesson Plans  
Strand 2
Students will explore health concerns incorporating guidelines from MyPlate and current dietary guidelines throughout the life span.
Standard 1
Identify the changing nutritional needs across the life span.
  • Family Life Cycle - Breakfast Lab
    Preparing a complete breakfast meal to meet the age appropriate guidelines and nutritional needs of children, adolescents, teen athletes, adults and aging adults as recommended by the Food Guide Pyramid.
  • Family Life Cycle - Children's Lab
    Creating and preparing a variety of healthy foods for children that provide adequate nutrients for optimum growth and development.
  • Family Life Cycle - Older Adult Lab
    A hands-on experience for the student to pretend to be old by simulating some of the struggles older people face every day with arthritis in their hands, hearing impaired, and normal loss of up close vision as they experience preparing a recipe.
  • Family Life Cycle Lecture
    Students will be introduced to the different nutritional needs found within the various family life cycles.
  • Nutritional Needs using MyPlate and dietary guidlines
    Students will learn how to assess nutritional needs based on age, gender and activity level using MyPlate and current dietary guidelines.
  • Teen Food Lab
    Students will learn how to make homemade tacos.

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