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CTE/Family & Consumer Sciences Education Curriculum
Food And Nutrition II
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Lesson Plans  
Strand 5
Identify commonly used meat and poultry and appropriate preparation techniques. (STEM - Science, Technology)
  • Ground Beef Experiment
    An experiment to compare the difference in the amount of fat and its flavor, by pan frying ground beef patties between three different kinds of ground beef - regular, lean and extra lean with different prices.
  • Ground Beef Lab - Open-Faced Tacos
    A meat lab reinforcing another techniques in the preparation of ground beef in an Open-Face Taco.
  • Meat Lab Using a Pressure Cooker
    A meat lab preparing stew meat, a less tender cut of beef in a pressure cooker. The stew, mandarin salad and biscuits makes a complete meal.
  • Meat Lecture
    An introduction to meat cookery identifying the basics of cooking with meat, selection, care and storage of meats, identifying the dry heat and moist heat methods of cooking, and preparing meats using different methods.
  • Meat Test
    Testing the student's knowledge of meat cookery for both beef and poultry, identifying the dry heat methods for tender cuts and moist heat methods for less tender cuts, selection, storage and care of meats, grading and inspection, proper thawing of meats, correct cooking temperature and safe handling of meat.
  • Meat, Fish and Poultry: Practical Application
    Different cuts of meat and the proper tools and scientific principles underlying preparation methods to produce the most nutritional value and suitability.
  • Moist Heat Cooking -Less Tender Meat
    A meat lab using a less tender cut of beef in preparing a Green Pepper Steak over Rice by using a moist heat method of cooking.

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