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CTE/Family & Consumer Sciences Education Curriculum
Fashion Design Studio
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Lesson Plans  
Strand 2
Students will recognize and apply the principles and elements of fashion design.
Standard 1
Demonstrate knowledge of the elements (tools) of design. (*STEM: Math, Science)
  • Clue in on Color
    This lesson focuses on how color affects moods and feelings. The use of music, dress changes, food, and a Power Point presentation make this lesson a fun one to teach.
  • Element of Color
    Students experiment to create a color using primary colors and black and white. They learn the color wheel and values.
  • Element of Texture
    Students learn the importance of texture as an element of design in fashion. They will complete a portfolio page demonstrating their knowledge of texture.
  • Figure Analysis
    Teach students to apply the Principles and Elements to their body type. This lesson Plan can be taught with Principles and Elements of Design or with the Personal Fashion Unit. Includes powerpoint on Face shapes, and discussion of personal colors.
  • Introduction to the Elements of Design and Line
    Give students an introduction to the Elements of Design and begin with the element of line.
  • Line
  • Teacher Helps: Scope & Seq., Portfolio Outline, Reviews
    This Plan includes helpful documents for Fashion Strategies teachers. Sample Scope and Sequence, Disclosure Document, Supply List, Scans of portfolio pages with guidelines, Test Review Sheets and Test Review Jeapordy powerpoint games are all included. A powerpoint to explain the New York Field Study is also included.
  • Texture
    Students will understand how texture affects fashion as an element of design.
  • Texture
    Students learn the importance of texture as an element of design in fashion. They will complete a portfolio page discussing their knowledge of texture.

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