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Science - 2nd Grade
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Lesson Plans  
Standard 2
Earth and Space Science. Students will gain an understanding of Earth and Space Science through the study of earth materials, celestial movement, and weather.
Objective 1
Describe the characteristics of different rocks.

Supplemental Materials (pdf)

  • 2nd Grade - Act. 19: Rock Hounds
    After reading Byrd Baylor's book "Everybody Needs a Rock", students will select a rock, study it, and describe its attributes.
  • 2nd Grade - Act. 20: How to Make a Rock
    The activities in this lesson will introduce students to the concepts of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.
  • All Sorts of Rocks
    In this lesson, students access their prior knowledge of sorting with a card sort and a book before being asked to apply their understanding of sorting to rocks. This will help students understand the concepts of hardness, texture, layering, and particle size as they relate to rocks.
  • Cool Collectibles and Super Sorts
    While investigating the properties of rocks, students will create a classroom rock collection.
  • How We Use Rocks: Part 1
    Students are introduced to rocks and their physical properties.
  • How We Use Rocks: Part 2
    Students explore the uses of rocks.
  • I Spy
    Students will play the game I Spy to help identify objects made from rock.
  • Mystery Rocks
    This lesson is designed to get students thinking about the uses of rocks in the world around them.
  • NHMU: Create Your Own Rock!
    Students will create and name their own rock by combining paper minerals.
  • NHMU: Rock and Mineral Uses
    Students will learn about the various uses of rocks and minerals to better understand the important role they play in our everyday lives.
  • NHMU: This is Your Rock, This is My Rock
    Students will learn to recognize a variety of rocks and minerals found in Utah as well as their identifying characteristics.
  • Rock Hounds at Heart
    Integrate literature with science by reading Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. Students will learn to describe rocks by using different physical properties.
  • Rock Star Centers
    Students will complete a Rock Star Journal while studying the properties of their rock.
  • Rocks, Rocks Everywhere
    The students will be able to sort rocks based upon color, hardness, texture, layering and particle size.
  • The Great Rock Sort
    Students will learn to describe and sort rocks by their physical properties.
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