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Science - 5th Grade
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Lesson Plans  
Standard 3
Students will understand that magnetism can be observed when there is an interaction between the magnetic fields of magnets or between a magnet and materials made of iron.
Objective 2
Describe how the magnetic field of Earth and a magnet are similar.
  • A Magnetic Personality
    Students investigate how many paper clips different types of magnets can pick up.
  • Magnetic Fields of Magnets
    The students will be able to compare the magnetic fields of various types of magnets (e.g., bar magnet, disk magnet, horseshoe magnet.) Also they will compare Earth’s magnetic field to the magnetic field of a magnet.
  • Magnetic Hangman
    After hanging horseshoe magnets, students will predict what will happen when the north end of their bar magnets are placed near the north end of their hanging magnets.
  • Magnetism
    Magnets are attracted to certain metals and other magnets. Students feel the attractive and repulsive forces of magnets. Students can observe a magnetic force field by lining iron filings up with magnets. The north and south poles of a magnet can be determined by comparing them to the Earth’s magnetic field. Magnetizing a needle and floating it on water makes a floating needle compass.
  • Magnets in a Bag
    Students will compare and contrast the patterns that they create using iron fillings and different types of magnets.
  • TRB 5:3 - Activity 5: Discovering Magnetic Fields
    Students will complete a number of activities to learn about magnetic fields.
  • TRB 5:3 - Activity 6: Making a Magnet / Compass
    Students will construct a compass and explain how it works.
  • TRB 5:3 - Activity 7: Finding Magnetic Fields of Earth
    Students will investigate the effects of magnets on the needle of a compass and compare this to the effects of Earth’s magnetic field on the needle of a compass.
  • The Earth and the Compass
    Students make a water compass by using a needle and a bar magnet.
  • Where's Up?
    Students will use a needle and a magnet to create a compass

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