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Lesson Plans  
Standard 3
Students will understand the relationship between structure and function of organs and organ systems.
Objective 1
Describe the structure and function of organs.
  • Building a Better Organ
    Students will read about the development of the artificial heart and then choose from a list of organs to design a “working” model of one of them.
  • Doctor for a Day
    Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the heart, lungs, and skin, by explaining the symptoms and results for a patient if one of these organs were to fail somehow. They will also assess symptoms, identify the organ/system involved and describe the resulting impact on the body.
  • Inquiry Cube
    Students will “solve” an inquiry cube (5 clues on the cubes’ sides and a missing piece that the students figure out) Students will then make their own cube.
  • Inside the Body
    Students will work in groups to make a life-sized drawing of a body and include certain organs.
  • Matching Parts
    Students will compare the structure and function of organs in one organism to the structure and function of organs in another organism.
  • Organ Art
    Students will diagram and label the structure of the primary components of representative organs in plants and animals (indicator “a” in Utah State Core)
  • Plant Structures and Function
    Students will examine plant parts macroscopically and microscopically and relate structure to function.
  • Plant Words
    This activity gives students practice using vocabulary words by matching them to definitions, pictures and examples. The students will create their own definitions, pictures and examples for other words.
  • Structure and Function
    Students will use a heart and a flower to relate the structure of an organ to the function of the organ.
  • Technology and Organ Systems
    Students will fill out an opinionaire to test their background knowledge on artificial organs. They will answer pre-reading questions and read an article on Artificial Hearts.
  • The Organ Entrails Research Project
    This a high interest inquiry/research project for students. The student groups will become expert on one organ system.

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