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Standard 4
Students will understand that genetic information coded in DNA is passed from parents to offspring by sexual and asexual reproduction. The basic structure of DNA is the same in all living things. Changes in DNA may alter genetic expression.
Objective 2
Predict and interpret patterns of inheritance in sexually reproducing organisms.
  • Blood Types and Heredity
    In this lab investigation students will see if they can discover the pattern of genetic transfer for blood type
  • Fun Bugs!
    In this activity students will be simulate the process of meiosis to make new baby "Fun Bugs" structures.
  • Genetically Modified Organisms
    After this lesson students will understand the differences between selective crossing and genetic engineering. Students will learn how genetically modified organisms are produced by using an interactive web site. Students will also learn some of the concerns and benefits of genetically modified organisms and will be asked to from an opinion.
  • Selective Breeding
    Students will read 3 articles about current practices of selective breeding. They will then answer several questions about the article and then create a political cartoon highlighting one of the ideas from the articles.
  • Simulating a Monohybrid Cross
    During this investigation students will use two labeled game markers as a model for a monohybrid cross.

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