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Science - Earth Science
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Lesson Plans  
Standard 2
Students will understand Earth's internal structure and the dynamic nature of the tectonic plates that form its surface.
Objective 1
Evaluate the source of Earth's internal heat and the evidence of Earth's internal structure.
  • Earth’s Interior Posters
    Students will also begin to learn about convection currents. Using their textbooks as a resource, in small groups students will make posters of the earth’s interior. They will label and identify important features to understanding the idea of plate tectonics.
  • Investigating Convection
    Students will plan and conduct an experiment that investigates convection currents.
  • Modeling Earth’s Mantle
    In this lab students make a fluid that models Earth’s mantle made of rocks that are solid yet can flow like a liquid.
  • Plate Tectonics Convection Lab
    Students will model and observe the process of convection as it moves Earths crust.
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