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Science - Chemistry
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Standard 1
Students will understand that all matter in the universe has a common origin and is made of atoms, which have structure and can be systematically arranged on the periodic table.
Objective 1
Recognize the origin and distribution of elements in the universe.
  • Dark Matter
    Students will learn about scientific method through the use of an article on dark matter.
  • Elements in the Universe
    Students will use a graph of the relative abundance of elements in the Universe to determine relationships between size of the atoms and their abundance.
  • Heavy Elements Game
    Students will play the “Heavy Element” game to learn about star cycle and the formation of heavy elements in the universe.
  • How to Make a Universe
    This is a backward design lab where students are given the data of the percent abundances of common elements in the universe. They are to then write the procedures on how they would obtain the data and analyze the data using Excel to draw conclusions based upon their analysis of the data.
  • Telling Tales About Atoms
    Students will write a children’s story about how atoms are made and distributed in the universe.
  • Where Did the Matter in the Universe Come From?
    Students use various articles about how atoms are made and spread throughout the universe starting with the Big Bang. They will study the articles as groups and will then present their information to the class.
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