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Standard 2
Students will understand the relationship between energy changes in the atom specific to the movement of electrons between energy levels in an atom resulting in the emission or absorption of quantum energy. They will also understand that the emission of high-energy particles results from nuclear changes and that matter can be converted to energy during nuclear reactions.
Objective 1
Evaluate quantum energy changes in the atom in terms of the energy contained in light emissions.
  • Cereal Box Spectroscope
    Students will create their own spectroscopes, take measurements and calculate wavelengths, frequencies and energies of different colors of visible light.
  • Rainbow of Colors – The Flame Test Lab
    Students will conduct a lab and be able to explain the difference between a line spectrum and a continuous spectrum in terms of how they appear through a diffraction grating. They will also explain why different atoms emit different atomic line spectra and how this relates to the movement of electrons between energy levels in an atom.
  • Wavelength and Energy
    Students will calculate energy, frequency, or wavelength. After calculating, students graph their data and answer analysis questions.
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