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Mathematics - Elementary Curriculum
Mathematics - 4th Grade
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Lesson Plans  
Standard 1
Students will acquire number sense and perform operations with whole numbers, simple fractions, and decimals.
Objective 3
Model and illustrate meanings of multiplication and division of whole numbers and the addition and subtraction of fractions.
USOE-Approved Lesson Plans   USOE-Approved Lesson Plans
  • Delightfully Different Fractions!
    A hands-on activity helps students understand equivalent fractions and common denominators.
  • Dominos At Play
    This dominos activity will help students investigate, analyze, invent, critique, develop number sense, and deepen their mathematical thinking.
  • Focus on Fractions
    These activities are meant to reinforce a thorough introduction to fractions.
  • Getting To Know You
    Students will complete a variety of activities for their assigned number.
  • Handcarts-A Unique Form of Transportation
    Students will learn the purpose of the handcart and its benefits to the Mormon pioneers. They will use mathematical skills to develop problem solving activities.
  • Math 4 - Act. 03: Multi-Digit Multiplication
    At the conclusion of this lesson, students will be able to successfully multiply multi-digit numbers using rectangular arrays, and a variety of mental math strategies.
  • Math 4 - Act. 04: Long Division
    The goal of this lesson is to further develop the sharing concept of division by using objects. Students will have one and two digit quotients with and without remainders.
  • Operation
    Students will learn math vocabulary.
  • The Power of ONE!
    Activities using manipulatives help students equivalency in fractions.
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