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CTE/Business and Marketing Education Curriculum
Computer Technology I
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Lesson Plans  
Strand 5
(Course Integration throughout General Education Classes) Students will use their document processing, spreadsheet, and/or electronic presentation skills to complete a cross curricular project during the semester (or trimester, etc.,) in which they are enrolled in the Computer Technology course (NETS 2: a, b, c, d).
  • Comp Tech - Computer Ethics
    Navigate important information about ethics, rules, and laws by playing a prepared PowerPoint presentation that is available to each student through a shared drive.
  • Comp Tech - Ethics
    The Ethics School serves as a positive intervention for AUP violators. It consists of five 30-minute sessions that seek to improve perspective and personal responsibility in decisions relating to computer use (and beyond). Each has a session outline that details instructional procedures.
  • Comp Tech - Ethics Presentation
    Students use a storyboard (from among eight possibilities) which represents an ethical dilemma related to the use of computers to create a PowerPoint presentation. After completion, students view and rate each other's presentations which are set to loop continuously.
  • Comp Tech - Integrated Project
    The Integrated Project is student-driven, this lesson provides tools to help define and organize the process and outcome. The timing of the Integrated Project may be a challenge, since it naturally falls near the end of the semester (following Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet training). This eliminates the opportunity for some excellent integrations that may have come and gone in other teachers' courses. It may be well to consider the possibility of more than one integrated project--the first being carried out after the first software is taught--so that more students can satisfy both the performance standard and the mission of the project.
  • Comp Tech - State Test Review
    This file contains different activities and review materials to help students prepare for the state test.

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