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Social Studies Curriculum
Social Studies - 5th Grade
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Lesson Plans  
Standard 1
Students will understand how the exploration and colonization of North America transformed human history.
Objective 1
Describe and explain the growth and development of the early American colonies.
  • Maps Through Time
    In this activity students will analyze explorers' maps and put them in chronologically order. They will then learn about the major explorers and the routes that these explorers took.

    Enduring Understanding:
    Students will understand the exploration and colonization by Europeans in North America

    Essential Questions:

    1. Can you identify the different parts of the early explorer maps and the tools they used?
    2. What are some examples of early European maps and tools? Explain their importance to the growth and development of the early American colonies.
  • Rethinking First Contact: the Effects of European...
    The student will combine their knowledge of Christopher Columbus with information about first contact among the Great Basin tribes to understand the many consequences of contact between Indians and Europeans in the Great Basin.
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