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Social Studies Curriculum
Social Studies - U. S. History II
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Lesson Plans  
Standard 7
Students will understand the causes, course, and consequences of the United States' role in World War II.
Objective 1
Determine how America shifted from isolationism to intervention.

  • Oral Histories
    Enduring Understanding:
    • Students will understand the importance of primary source history information.
    Essential Questions:
    • What is the difference between primary and secondary source information?
    • How do you conduct an interview with a primary source?
    • What information will be gained by getting a real life perspective about recent historical events?
    • How can developing good communication skills help the way a student can represent the information they have received?
  • The War: Utah World War II Stories
    Designed to complement Utah WWII Stories series, this unit focuses on the contributions World War II veterans made during the war and how those contributions impacted the United States then and now.

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