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CTE/Skilled & Technical Sciences Education Curriculum
Video Production 2
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Strand 1
Students will be able to understand and demonstrate the correct operation of the camera.
  • About Parts of a Camera
    Three minute video identifying the major parts and functions of a video camera.
  • Arc Shot
    Definition and explanation of the camera movement: Arc
  • Aspect Ratios
    This webpage gives explanations and examples of aspect ratios and conversions of aspect ratios.
  • Camera Functions
    This website gives tips on how to improve your camera work by taking control of your camera.
  • Camera Movement Techniques
    Learn to develop a variety of basic camera movement techniques to move your audience when the scene calls for a tilt, pan, zoom, pedestal, dolly, or truck.
  • Camera Pan
    Basic definition and explanation of the camera movement: Pan
  • Camera Tilt
    Definition and explanation of the camera movement: Tilt
  • Camera Use
    This web site gives tips on how to get the most out of your camera.
  • Composition: The Frame
    Simple guide to framing the subject and background information your photograph.
  • Dolly Shot
    Definition and explanation of the camera movement: Dolly
  • Headroom and Noseroom
    Brief explanation of proper framing using headroom and nose room.
  • How to Use a Tripod
    This web psge provides simple techniques and tips on how to use a tripod.
  • Monopods and Bipods
    This webpage explains how to use a monopods and bipods as alternative camera supports.
  • Parts of a Camcorder
    This video clip helps you get to know the basic parts of a camcorder allowing users to operate their devices more effectively and determine more precisely any potential causes of a problem.
  • Pedestal Shot
    Definition and explanation of the camera movement: Pedestal
  • Point-of-View Shot (POV)
    Explanation and examples of point of view (POV) are given on this webpage.
  • Setting Up a Camera Tripod
    Information and pictures on setting up a tripod.
  • Shot Types
    Brief descriptions of the most common shot types, framing, and picture composition.
  • The Rule of Thirds
    Definition and explanation of creating a picture using the rule of thirds.
  • Trucking Shot
    Definition and explanation of the camera movement: Trucking
  • Video Camera Tripods
    How to use camera tripods.

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