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Educational Technology Curriculum
Educational Technology - (Grades 6-8)
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Standard 8
Select and use appropriate tools and technology resources to accomplish a variety of tasks and solve problems. (5, 6)
  • Change Maker
    Students: An interactive site! Practice making correct change - using small and large amounts - it's fun !
  • Excel Formatting: Fractions
    Students: Excel formatting - to display fractions instead of decimals
  • Excel Formatting: Timelines
    Students: Excel formatting - create timelines using rotated text, color fill and borders
  • Financial Aid Calculators
    Teachers & Students: Use this savings calculator to figure out how much must be invested to reach a financial goal.
  • Hot Shot Business
    Teachers & Students: With this interactive business entrepreneur program, students may open a pet spa or one of three other businesses!
  • How to Start a Business
    Students: Scroll down to the interactive tools section to assess costs and profits, and read other articles on starting a business.
  • All about Insurance
    Students: There is a lot at this website: 1) Use this life insurance needs calculator to see if and how much insurance you might want to buy 2) Scroll down to find out more about other types of life insurance in the "More Help" dropdown box and 3) Check out the FAQ for auto, health and home insurance
  • Interactive Crossword Puzzle (pdf)
    Teachers & Students: Use Excel to make an interactive crossword puzzle. Teaches some capabilities of Excel while focusing on your subject area.
  • Learning to Use Excel with M & Ms
    Teachers: Open the M&M Spreadsheet near the bottom of the screen to teach one use for Excel.
  • Making a Mess o' Mousse
    Students: Create an Excel spreadsheet to calculate recipe-size adjustments for this mousse recipe!
  • Microsoft Word: 3 Tasks from Scratch
    Teachers: Occupy your students by giving them this list of three (3) basic word processing documents (bulleted list, sign with borders & newsletters) to complete from scratch.
  • Microsoft Word: Newsletters
    Teachers & Students: Use Microsoft Word to create a newsletter.
  • Microsoft Word: Signs with Borders
    Teachers & Students: Use Microsoft Word to create a sign for your door!
  • My Own Business
    Students: Scroll down to the "Sound Byte Transcriptions" section -- listen to various business owners describe their business ventures. They may have a tip that you never thought of!
  • Virtual Lighting Designer
    Students: Click on the "Before" or "After" picture to activate the virtual lighting designer, then begin your own simulation !

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