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Science - Secondary Curriculum
Science - Biology
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Standard 1
Students will understand that living organisms interact with one another and their environment.
Objective 3
Describe how interactions among organisms and their environment help shape ecosystems.
  • Competition Activity
    Use this model to see the effect of a consumer (rabbit) on two species of producers (grass and weeds).
  • EPA:High School
    A site intended to inform students of environmental issues and help them protect the environment.
  • Food Chain, Food Web, and Energy Pyramid Practices
    Use these games to help you understand food webs, food chains and energy pyramids.
  • Habitats
    This website includes resources for many of the different habitats around the world. It also has lesson plans for K-12.
  • People and the Planet
    This comprehensive site provides information on environmental issues such as biodiversity, reproductive health, renewable energy, eco-tourism, and much more.
  • Predator-Prey
    Learn how predators and prey interact and the role of invasive species in an environment in this simulation.
  • Predator-Prey Simulation
    Find out how population density is a dependent factor in population growth.
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service--Utah
    Information on fish and wildlife in Utah as well as threatened and endangered species in Utah.
  • Utah Department of Natural Resources
    Information on Utah's wildlife, water, oil, mining, parks, and more. Includes links to Take Pride in Utah, Project Wild (under Division of Wildlife) and other educational resources.

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