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Science - Biology
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Standard 2
Students will understand that all organisms are composed of one or more cells that are made of molecules, come from preexisting cells, and perform life functions.
Objective 1
Describe the fundamental chemistry of living cells.
  • Animation: How Enzymes Work
    Watch the video and then take the quiz to test your understanding.
  • Biology Project
    Do you need a little extra help with biology? Need a tutorial to help you understand something? Find it here.
  • Cell Respiration Activity
    This interactive slideshow explains cell respiration. Along the way click on "practice" to test your understanding.
  • Cellular Respiration
    The steps in cellular respiration are colorfully shown in this video.
  • Enzymatic!
    Do this virtual lab and play a game to learn about enzymes.
  • Enzyme Action
    In this activity you will explore the effects of enzymes on chemical reactions and build enzyme-substrate complexes.
  • Interactive Periodic Table
    Click on elements, families, groups and more to get detailed information in this table.
  • Interactives: the Periodic Table
    This interactive periodic table has links to atomic basics and an interactive quiz.
  • Organic Compounds
    This site explains organic compounds and gives you activities so you can investigate them for yourself.
  • Photosynthesis
    This virtual lab allows you to measure the rate of photosynthesis. You can adjust the distance from a light source and see the change in energy production.
  • Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration
    The colorful graphics on this site will illustrate how photosynthesis and cellular respiration work.

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