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Standard 4
Students will understand the dynamics of the hydrosphere.
  • EPA: Groundwater and Drinking Water
    Information about local water quality, drinking water quality, source water protection, and more.
  • EPA:Water
    From the EPA's high school section--educational resources for various water topics.
  • Exploratorium: Hydrosphere
    Information about the ocean's role in the hydrosphere as well as links to data such as ocean temps and El Nino/La Nina indexes
  • Global Water Distribution
    Want to see how much of the total water on Earth is fresh water? This animation will show you.
  • Hydrologic Cycle
    In this interactive site from NASA, explore the steps of the water cycle.
  • Ocean Tides
    From Physical Geography's online textbook and a chapter on the hydrosphere.
  • The Groundwater Foundation
    This site's purpose is to inform people about groundwater and the environment. See the Kids Corner for resources specific to students and teachers.
  • The Water Sourcebooks
    Water educational activities from the EPA.
  • Water Filtration
    Learn all about the water filtration process and then make your own water filtration system!
  • Western Waters Digital Library
    Check out this comprehensive digital library about water in the western United States.
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