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Science - Chemistry
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Standard 1
Students will understand that all matter in the universe has a common origin and is made of atoms, which have structure and can be systematically arranged on the periodic table.
Objective 3
Correlate atomic structure and the physical and chemical properties of an element to the position of the element on the periodic table.
  • Chemical Elements
    An interactive periodic table. You can view the table by properties such as electronic configuration or boiling point, or see elements by groups. Click on individual elements for more information.
  • Chemicool Periodic Table
    An excellent, colorful interactive periodic table. Just click on the symbol and learn all about it.
  • Fe [26]: Fuse Your Way to the Iron Tile
    Play this game of fusing atoms into iron.
  • General Chemistry Online
    Tutorials, notes, glossaries, quizzes, and more.
  • Graphing the Periodic Table
    Graph the properties of elements and look for repeating properties using this site.
  • Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
    Use this game to learn more about the table and place mystery elements in their place.
  • Interactives: the Periodic Table
    Using this interactive you'll not only understand how the periodic table works, but you can figure out how elements interact to make the world around us.
  • Periodic TableTris
    Learn the Periodic Table elements with this Tetris-style game. Requires at least Netscape 2.0 and the Shockwave plugin to play.
  • The Periodic Table
    From Physics 2000, a thorough introduction to the periodic table. Great historical information and interactive applets.
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