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Science - Chemistry
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Standard 3
Students will understand chemical bonding and the relationship of the type of bonding to the chemical and physical properties of substances.
Objective 3
Relate the properties of simple compounds to the type of bonding, shape of molecules, and intermolecular forces.
  • Covalent Bonding
    This tutorial covers covalent bonding and how the process of sharing electrons can hold two atoms together.
  • Intermolecular Attractions
    Move molecules around to see their attractions and resulting properties using this online tool.
  • Ionic Bonding
    In this game, your challenge is to create a compound by combining individual ions. You can earn and lose points based on how you do.
  • Ionic Bonding Tutorial
    Learn more about ions and ionic bonding through this tutorial and activity.
  • Visionlearning: Chemical Bonding
    History, graphics, and a reaction simulation help teach bonding.
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