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Standard 6
Students will understand the properties that describe solutions in terms of concentration, solutes, solvents, and the behavior of acids and bases.
Objective 2
Summarize the quantitative and qualitative effects of colligative properties on a solution when a solute is added.
  • Acid-Base Solutions
    In this simulation apply changes in initial concentrations and strength to see how the concentration of acid or base can be measured.
  • Boiling-Point Elevation & Freezing-Point Depression
    In this virtual lab mix various amounts of solutes together and measure the boiling-point and freezing-point of the mixture.
  • ChemTeam: Solutions, Concentration, and . . .
    A module with tutorials on solutions, molarity, molality, solubility, and colligative properties.
  • Molarity
    This simulation shows how changes in solute and/or solution volume affects the Molarity concentration of several different substances.
  • pH Scale
    Use this simulation to test the pH of several different substances. The pH levels are shown on either a linear or logarithmic scale.
  • pH Scale Basics
    How does adding or removing water affect pH? Use this simulation to find out.
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