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Science - Physics
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Standard 4
Students will understand transfer and conservation of energy.
Objective 1
Determine kinetic and potential energy in a system.
  • Balloons and Static Electricity
    Why does a balloon stick to your sweater? Explore the charges in the sweater, the balloon and the wall as you investigate.
  • Energy Skate Park
    Learn about energy conservation with a skater dude. Build tracks, ramps and jumps for the skater and view the kinetic energy, potential energy and friction as he moves.
  • Physics Hypertextbook
    A collection of physics-related links organized by topic: mechanics, matter, thermodynamics, wave phenomena, electricity and magnetism, modern physics, and more.
  • Roller Coaster Sim
    With this simulation students will learn about the physics behind roller coasters.
  • Roller Coaster Simulation
    Excellent discussion and demonstration of potential and kinetic energy.
  • The Physics Classroom Tutorial
    The Physics Classroom Tutorial is an online textbook/tutorial written for high school physics students.

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